September 27 is International Tourism Day

On September 27, 1970, the Charter of the World Tourism Organization was adopted in Torremolino, Spain, and the General Assembly established that date as International Tourism Day.
The goal is to promote tourism, to highlight its contribution to the global economy through the media, and to improve relations between the peoples of different countries. It also means that everyone feels like a tourist and learns about the beautiful, unique, cultural, historical and natural monuments of the Mother Earth, and contributes to their preservation. As a result of the rapid exchange of information in the context of globalization, people are becoming more and more interested in learning about countries around the world. This in turn led to the development of tourism. On September 27, International Tourism Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, with various events and festivals dedicated to tourism. Today, those working in this area are striving to create a comfortable and safe environment for tourists.
According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism accounts for one-tenth of the world’s GDP and more than 11 percent of international investment. The influx of tourists around the world is growing by 4-5% per year.
Uzbekistan has great tourism potential and attracts tourists with its ancient monuments, sacred places, beautiful nature and beautiful places. According to the information, our country is in the top ten countries in terms of tourism and number of historical sites. There are more than seven thousand architectural and archeological sites in Uzbekistan. This priceless heritage is an inexhaustible wealth of our people.


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